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Kinkville - Here to now - As the Sims Turn [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Kinkville - Here to now [Jun. 28th, 2006|02:34 pm]
As the Sims Turn


[mood |amusedamused]

Neighborhood - Kinkville

Family: Victorians

Madam - A Mistress who only cares about money and who happens to live a life of crime in order to get it
Butler - An elderly man who cleans up REALLY well and who likes to spend his time reading.
Kajirus - A sex crazed slaveboy who works as a medical tech.
Jim - A sex crazed slaveboy who works as a medical tech.

Life so far:
Kajirus and Jim couldn't seem to get Madam to find any interest in them other than their money, which she spends quite freely, so they decided to find some interest in each other and now embarrass quite a many people with their 'public displays of affection' not to mention they romp in the bed and even more in the hot tub at least a couple times a week.

Kajirus decided he wasn't going to give up on his goal of sexxing as many people as possible and he finally bedded Madam which did upset Jim at the time but they have since made up and often welcome other new families to the neighborhood together.

Madam became quite stuck on Kajirus and nearly faints anytime he's in the room. She completley forgets what she is doing when he walks by. This obsession turned out to end up quite bad though, as will be told.

Butler seemed oblivious to all this, probably having seen wilder days in his youth and he didn't live long as his life was over much too soon (He hadn't finished making dinner yet!) when Death showed up. He was surounded by his loved ones and hula dancers when he went. Everyone cried alot. It was very touching.

Family: Star
Mikel - Goth looking with an aspiration of knowledge. He loves looking through the telescope.
Kaleah - His live in girlfriend who is a nympho.

This was supposed to be a Master and slavegirl arrangement but isn't looking like one.

Life so far:
They don't make alot of money but they don't really need it except Kaleah keeps wanting a hot tub which they can't afford yet. Kaleah paints alot and sells off her paintings so the ends are meeting pretty well. Because of her sex drive they 'do it' every night before they go to bed, and she's usually thinking about it all day. Mikel tries to get some hobbies done like looking through the telescope and playing video games but Kaleah is slowly converting him into thinking only about her. However, Kaleah has fears of getting married and is turning completely kinky and wants to have sex in public.

The gay guys, Kajirus and Jim came over to greet them and welcome them to the neighborhood. Kaleah was a bit 'a taken' with Kajirus.. he must be a total sex magnet, but it all stayed on friendly levels. Madam swiftly ran over and slapped the shit out of Mikel. No one knows why and even he was dumbfounded a bit from it.

Family: Rich

Queenie - A money hoarding woman with a political carreer, and the mother of princess.
Princess - A spoiled and sex crazed woman who seems to like girls more than guys. She paints, though not well yet, and has some kind of slacker job as a gas station attendant.
Jeffery - A military man because it pays well, and into painting lately because he seems to have maxed out everything else. He cooks most of the meals and is always the first one out of bed. Very dependable man.
Marco - A doctor who's seen his share in llamas. He pretty much keeps to himself and does his best not to disappoint anyone.
And..uhm.. 2 other guys (I forget their names... they aren't that important anyway)

The 4 guys of the family are brothers in slavery and pretty much work to bring Queenie and Princess money.

Story so far:
The family has been working hard in the hope to move into a bigger house and finally with some nice bonuses they finally made it to move into a house with a beautiful pool. Some extra rooms were added to the 2nd story so that Queenie and Princess could have their own rooms instead of having to share. Mothers and daughters apparently can't sleep in the same bed at the same time so they kept taking shifts which was annoying.

Madam once again kept showing up at odd times slapping the shit out of everyone, especually strangers.

Queenie is finally happy about the new house and the new items being bought and she finally feels like a woman of class. Princess has decided that she's going to make her best friend her girlfriend and now they flirt quite often, but unfortunatly the best friend keeps showing up in the middle of the night and ringing the doorbell just to see Princess.

Will it ever end?

Will Mikel teach Kaleah that marriage isn't something to fear?
Will Kaleah ever get to wohoo in public?
Will Madam stop slapping and shoving strangers, often knocking down their bathroom doors just to do it?
Will Princess ever learn that guys are good for something other than bringing home the money?

We'll find out next time on As the Sims Turn.