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Kinkville [Jun. 28th, 2006|02:47 pm]
As the Sims Turn


[mood |amusedamused]

Neighborhood - Kinkville

In the last few days there has been a big problem with Madam slapping and shoving strangers, so I decided to give her something else to focus on.

Family: Victorians

Madam got to know Christy (a misc sim) pretty well and Christy really fell for Madam bad. Madam invited her to stay for the night but Christy wasn't sure, so they made out on the bed for a good few hours until Madam finally got to 'bed her'. She then asked Christy to move in and Christy brought in a nice 19k savings account. This made Madam pretty happy because that night a burglar entered and stole not only their hot tub but Madam's prized 'lady on red' painting she had above their blue and white striped 'poor mans' couch. Madam was really upset about this and cried quite a bit, but knowing that Christy brought in the extra money by moving in ensured that everything would be replaced.

Christy works at a video editing company and on her second night at work she was given a hard choice. She had to come up with something young and hip on a 8mm roll and she only had 30 min to do it. She only had spare footage of either the town's favorite sad clown, or bunnies. So she decided to be creative and took the bunnies. She colored all the carrots blue and then ran the whole film in reverse. The director and her watched it in pure silence. She was sure to be fired. The director stood up at the end, signed over his life savings to her of 75k and said he was going to live a life in the forest with the wild critters.

Christy came home doing the money dance.

"Who's your daddy? That's right... its my birthday... dancing like its my birthday.. uh huh... uh huh.. say my name.. I said SAY MY NAME! You know it. ..uh huh.. that's right!"

She did this for 15 min.. I swear she did. Oh, I also forgot to mention she's black...no biggie.

Butler's ghost started appearing...having bubble baths and turning on the outside radio repeatedly at night.. you know.. 2am...4am... waking everyone up. No one cared about seeing him though apparently.

So then Christy talked to Madam who was painting and proposed. Now Madam didn't seem too interested in Christy but she surprisingly said YES! (The meters were only in their 80's so I was surprised too.) Christy then packed them all up and moved them out into a beautiful house with a pool and enough bedrooms for everyone. The gay guys get a nice cozy room to themselves and Christy made sure one room was left empty for her 'family' aspirations.

Will Madam forget about slapping everyone now that she has someone to focus on?
Will Christy break it to Madam that she wants to have a child?
Will the whole wedding thing work out ok?
What kind of fathers will the gay guys make?
Will Madam accept motherhood with her lesbian lover?
Will Butler be happy having a whole empty house to himself to haunt? What will happen if someone new moves in?

We'll only find out on the next As the Sims Turn.